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Small Business Gift Cards

The holiday season is rapidly approaching. Is your business ready? One way to get ready is to stock up on or begin to sell gift cards. Gift cards are an excellent way to allow your customers to shop for their loved ones right at your business! The holidays are a busy time, so giving patrons the ease of shopping at your location helps to ease the stress that the holiday season can induce. It also provides a way for them to tell others about how they love your place of business. Making it in the small business world is not an easy feat, so any help to spread the word should be actively taken.

Gift cards also have the option to be personalized with a message or photos of your business location or products. This is an awesome advertising tool that can help jog the gift card receiver’s memory of your business. Blasting on your social media accounts that you have gift cards ready to sell might draw customers in to purchase while simultaneously purchasing for themselves. This affords you the increased profit not only from gift card sales but from the extra shopping as well. Another perspective to examine is not all gift card balances are used. How often have you lost a gift card or simply forgotten about it? The unused balance is the potential customer’s loss, but your gain.

Every business should have gift cards, especially during the holiday season. If you do not have gift cards and your business is interested, give us a call at (856) 825-2000. We would be delighted to set your business up to succeed this holiday season and every season with MAX merchant processing.