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EMA Update

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What is an EMA update?

An EMA update is a software update for your terminal. It simply updates your machine. EMA updates are necessary to complete changes in batch times, tip lines, gratuity guides, and name changes, for a few examples. EMA updates are prevalent in Verifone VX520 terminals. If your machine needs an EMA update and you are a MAX Payment Solutions merchant, follow these directions below.

The first step in an EMA is to input any tips and to batch your terminal out. If you receive an error message while completing an EMA, it might be due to the fact that you have not batched out. Once you have batched out, select the * key on your terminal from the Sale screen. This will take you to the screen that appears after a reboot or power outage. Select “EMA.” Then, select “Update Now.” The password is 288635. Then, press the Enter key. If completed successfully, the machine will begin the update.

The update takes a few minutes to complete. Once it is complete, select the processor name with the purple button on the right. The machine will then take you directly into your Sale screen.

We hope this information was helpful and, as always, give us a call if you need assistance! (856) 825-2000