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Why the POYNT Terminal is a Great Choice

“Customers come first”, as the slogan goes; it may be redundant, but it reigns true in the business world. MAX Payment Solutions, in NJ, has options for your business that helps you put your customers first, and make the world of a difference to them! The POYNT terminal is a great terminal option for all businesses. It is easy to use, modern, and best of all, wireless!

The POYNT terminal is solely touchscreen. Say goodbye to your stylus pen or pin pad buttons! There are two touch screens on the terminal. The larger screen, featured in the above picture, and the other smaller screen is placed on the front of the terminal. The touchscreen located on the front of the terminal has the capability of displaying your business’s logo, as well as a place for the customer to sign their name.

A terminal option underrated in the business world is the ability to eliminate the handling of the customer’s credit card. The customer inserts their card themselves into the POYNT terminal, thus the merchant does not have to touch their card! This simple action makes the overall transaction process feel more secure and puts the customer at ease that no one has touched their card. With cardholder theft becoming more and more frequent nowadays, it is the merchant’s job to ensure the customer feels as comfortable as possible throughout the transaction.

Easy to Use

The POYNT terminal has two different sizes. The terminal charges on a small dock that plugs into an electrical outlet. The machine holds power extremely well, for optimal use.

My favorite feature of the POYNT terminal is its wireless capability. This is ideal for any business. If you are interested in POYNT for your restaurant, you can eliminate the process of taking the customer’s card and the multiple trip and receipt ordeals. Now, the small terminal travels to the guest’s table and they insert their card themselves! It’s the little things that impress customers, so impress them with your credit card processing service!!

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