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Payment Processing is not the “Cost of Doing Business”

By February 22, 2018 April 24th, 2020 No Comments

With MAX Payment Solutions, credit card processing is a win, for both merchant and customer.

Many business owners are under the assumption that credit card processing is the cost of accepting credit cards, that all processors hide fees, and every processor is out to make a killing. Enter MAX Payment Solutions. We consider ourselves as rebels in the merchant services industry. MAX breaks the norm of padding interchange rates and charging for VX520 terminals and termination fees, just to name a few commonalities. Why? Because we believe every business deserves the liberty to leave when they would like and refuse to pay for fees that they were unaware of.

“We consider ourselves as rebels in the merchant services industry.”

Our reward in this business is seeing our merchants succeed. Sounds too good to be true, right? Those promises we mentioned above are what our business thrives on. We’re adding more and more merchants to the MAX Payment Team every week because of our transparency. We say what we mean and mean what we say. We use an interchange system that is transparent and clear. When a merchant faxes us their statement, we call and explain how we are able to save them money through our pricing program. Navigating the credit card processing industry can be tricky and full of “traps”, but we make the path clear. We give our merchants a free, VX520 terminal to demonstrate our investment and desire for them to succeed. These fast terminals are just another way for us to say with a gesture, how much we appreciate your business.

“We give our merchants a free, VX520 terminal to demonstrate our investment and desire for them to succeed.”

Is payment processing the cost of doing business? No, we have to disagree. Our merchants deserve the best because the only thing they should be settling on is their terminals at the end of the night. Full transparency is our mission. As a business, we understand the need for clarity and that’s what sets us apart. We are upfront and provide all the facts. If we did not believe in our mission, we would charge a termination fee. Providing a no termination fee guarantee gives our merchants power and holds us accountable to keep our word.

We are not your conventional processor — we take the time to talk to our merchants, analyze their current statement and point out hidden fees or interchange padding. At MAX, we treat our merchants how they deserved to be treated, plus more. Payment Processing is not the cost of doing business. We have saved our merchants anywhere from $50 a month to $2,000 a month. That money, stolen by hidden fees and padding on rates, deserves to be in your pocket, as the business owner.

To recap, we take pride in how we service our merchants. MAX believes every business deserves the right to know what they are paying for. It’s common to see fees embedded in the fine print with other payment processors, but not with MAX. We like to say that we are changing the credit card processing industry, one merchant at a time.