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Leasing Terminals

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Why to be wary of leasing terminals…

Leasing terminals seems to be a cost effective way of paying for a terminal without forking out the money upfront. However, how do you know if you are entering into a trap? Here are three tips to keep your business from being a part of this ploy:

  1. Do the math yourself! Research the cost of the terminal you are interested in. Compare this price with the amount you are spending each month for the lease. If the total monthly cost of the machine added together is more than what the terminal costs to buy it outright, it is certainly a poor investment.
  2. Do not be trapped under the guise of the phrase “lease to own”. We cannot stress enough why calculating and researching yourself is important. Making sure that you are not paying more monthly than what the machine is worth is extremely vital.
  3. Consider the terminal itself. You need to make sure it is cost effective for your business. Evaluate the main goal for this new terminal.  Are you looking for ease of use, speed, wireless, or innovative features? Contemplating your goals of merchant processing is helpful and researching the true facts of a terminal is fundamental in the decision making process.

Companies warn of free credit card terminals, but there is no need to worry with MAX. It is argued that merchant processors who brag on free terminals, jab their merchants later with obscure, hidden fees. We do NOT have any hidden fees. We give free a free VX520 terminal upon a signage. We also do not charge a termination fee. Sounds too good to be true, right? We are always up front with our customers and we pride ourselves on that quality of our business. Consider MAX for merchant processing, but let our savings seal the deal.