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Gift Card Processing

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MAX Payment Solutions specializes in gift card processing.

With the upcoming holiday season, every business should be stocked with gift cards.

  • The National Restaurant Association released a survey that concluded:
    • 70% of adults would like to receive a gift card from a restaurant in gift card occasions.
    • 55% of people who received a gift card need at least two trips to spend the allotted amount.
  • also released this statistic:
    • 65% of gift card recipients spend an average of 38% more than the allotted amount of card.

The opportunity to allow your customers to purchase gift cards encourages new customers, who were gifted a card, to come spend their authorized amount, but also spend over their specified amount, according to the statistic from  It is a way to get customers into your door, who might not normally come in without a reason, and gives you the opportunity to wow them with your area of expertise.

MAX Payment Solutions can link your merchant account with a personalized gift card program. The gift cards are designed to coordinate with your business. This can serve as an advertisement for your business, with your logo prominently displayed or a picture of your location.

Why offer gift cards?

Gift cards increase revenue in multiple ways. It offers a way for your loyal customers to share the love they have toward your business and recommend it to someone they know by giving a gift card; increasing the amount of people who are familiar with your business and what you offer. Gift cards also increase profit by unused balances. It is important to serve customers in the best way possible, gift cards are a way to help your customers make gift giving easier this holiday season. Why not give your loyal customers a way to express their love for your business to their friends and family?

MAX Payment Solutions is your one stop “shop” for your merchant and gift card processing needs. We are located right in the heart of Southern New Jersey.

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