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Grow your small Business in one step

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How to grow your small business in one simple step!

Accepting credit cards is one way to grow your business. Merchants often do not realize the number of customers that they turn away because they cannot accept credit cards. We like to encourage merchants to complete a trial run with MAX. This is accomplished by installing our free VX520 and waiting it out for a month. If there is not an increase in revenue, there is no termination fee with MAX! This enables you to branch out into the payment processing world risk-free!

Having said that, stand-alone terminals are not the answer for every business. There is another option for businesses that operate in business-to-business sales called Converge. Converge is a secure website that allows credit card information to be entered directly into the website. For example, if you need to receive a payment for an invoice, you can simply get the business’s credit card information and key it into the website.

Accept Credit Cards!

Quality customer service is catering to the customer’s needs. Being able to accept credit cards helps the customer easily pay off their invoice, and allows you to receive your payment quicker. There are many benefits to accepting credit cards, but it always circles back to customer service. Businesses accept credit cards because that is how the potential client would like to pay. In a world that is becoming more and more technology savvy, it is vital that every merchant brings their business up to speed.

If you need to accept credit cards, call the best at (856) 825-2000 or enter your information on our website!